I have decided that I enjoy being broke.  It happens at the end of every month, here – and especially so this month, because I’m socking money away to go to Greece next weekend. (OK, OK, I realize that means I’m not totally broke.) I enjoy it because it forces me to really root through my kitchen to see what I can use, and how creatively I can use it.  Yesterday I made quickbread with half a cup of flat beer (I’ll be posting that soon), and I used the rest of my almost-wilted wild garlic to infuse sunflower oil, which today I put on pasta with some sirene.  Here’s what it looked like:

This is so simple I’m not even going to write a recipe: just cook some small pasta shells, drain, and toss with sirene or goat cheese and wild garlic oil.  (Scroll down to the bottom, with that link.)  I know you’ll thank me when your mouth isn’t full.