I am weird about eggs.

I like custard, I like cake, I like clafoutis. But serve me toad-in-the-hole, sunny-side-up, even hard-boiled, and I can’t bring myself to swallow. I allow no runniness in my eggs. Give me migas, oh lord yes. Give me delicately scrambled sunshine, I gag. I will scramble an egg for myself, and I will let it sit in hot hot butter until it is browned. Only then has it coagulated enough that it becomes suitable for consumption. That’s why the photo below may sting a little bit if you are someone who likes to dip your toast in the yolk.

I love olives tossed in with scrambled eggs, and so when I saw an egg and tapenade sandwich on the menu at Lovejoy Bakers, I snapped to attention and devoured the plate of salty goodness presented to me. Then I sat with it for a moment and decided I needed another one. The server said, “Aren’t they delicious? It sounds a little weird to put those two things together, but it totally works.”

Not weird at all.

Allow one egg per sandwich. Scramble and cook in butter. (I will permit you to cook it less than I do.) Pile it onto a slice of buttered bread. Good butter. Good bread. Smear some olive tapenade on the other slice. Eat. Repeat as necessary.